Teammate Training Materials

Welcome to our teammate training and instructional resources page. On this page, we have provided our teammates with some helpful video and instructional material to assist our teammates to better learn their way around and more easily utilize the various tools and programs that are available to Nucor teammates. We also have training material that relates to more specific tasks or functions within a particular system.

To see materials for a specific tool or program, click on a button below to be taken directly to the information for that system:

Rail Safety

The Rail Safety Cardinal Rules Videos are designed as training aides in conjunction with the Rail Safety Cardinal Rules document to provide teammates with a baseline understanding of safety expectations when performing rail related activities. Safety is a personal responsibility of all Nucor teammates and strict adherence to the safety rules described herein is required.

Rail Safety Cardinal Rules (Rules 1 - 5)

Rail Safety Cardinal Rules (Rule 6)

Rail Safety Cardinal Rules (Rules 7-9)

Rail Safety Cardinal Rules (Rules 10-15)

Rail Safety Cardinal Rules- Follow Up


Carrier Management Portal

The Carrier Management Portal (or CMP Tool for short) is an online tool that was developed as a database to house and keep up to date informational records on the Transportation Vendor partners that Nucor works with. We use the portal to help us maintain accurate and up to date Contracting and Insurance records on each vendor, as well as to keep contact information on our existing partners. The portal additionally serves as a registry that helps to identify and keep track of transportation companies that have expressed interest in working with Nucor, that we may be able to partner with in the future.

Carrier Management Portal User Guide

Teammates can obtain access to the Carrier Management Portal by messaging the Contracts & Insurance team at the Nucor Logistics Center:


Load Consolidation in CarrierPoint

Load Consolidation How to Video

Load Consolidation is a new way to combine individual DSM numbers together to create a new, multi-stop load offer (DSM) that incorporates the individual loads for dispatch, scheduling, and freight audit. 

*Disclaimer: Load Consolidation would have to be enabled and properly configured for your division prior to use.*


SendPro Enterprise

The SendPro Enterprise Desktop Shipping App, is an all in one parcel shipping system that Nucor teammates now have access to, that will assist us in making the best and most cost effective decisions when choosing a Carrier for our Parcel shipment needs. SendPro functions as both a shipping system that will allow you to create, track, and print shipping labels for all your Parcel shipments; but will also perform a "Rate Shop" that gives a convenient at a glance look at the cost and shipping methods from all of our major parcel Carriers at once, allowing you to make the best and most cost-effective choice.

Have teammates at your division register for access to SendPro by clicking the registration link here: Register

SendPro User Tutorial

An overview of how perform a Rate Shop and to create a parcel shipment in SendPro.

Shipment Status & Tracking How-To

How to re-print ship labels, track packages, or void shipments in SendPro.


Transloader Resource Locator

The Transloader Resource Locator is a map style database that houses the information for the Transloader companies that Nucor is currently partnered with. This tool was created to help Nucor teammates identify who our Transloader partners are, as well as where throughout the country they are located. With this tool, our Teammates will be able to identify existing and potential Transload partners that our Mills will then be able to work with, to help increase freight savings in markets where a Transloading resource would help us to be able to ship freight in greater volumes at one time.

Transloader Locator Tool Tutorial

To access the Transloader Locator Tool, click here: 


PC Miler Web Service

PC Miler Web Service is the online platform that Nucor uses to generate accurate mileage results and route paths, when planning delivery to our customers. Nucor uses the Practical miles routing for all searches, and is currently using PC Miler Version 35, which is the most current version of the web software. (We will now be upgrading annually to the newest version of PC Miler as each new version update is released.)

PC Miler Web Instructions

Teammates can request a Log-on to PC Miler Web Service by messaging the Nucor Logistics Center: